Wendy's Blog

18th June 2017;   Work has begun again on my new wetroom, the roof was done on Friday, friend Luke removed the radiator from my room last night and John the builder is coming tomorrow to redo the verandah roof, guttering, etc.  It has been so hot shut inside these past few days, I am desperate to finally be able to get outside in the garden. I have to keep the doors shut because of collie Josie and cannot reach the windows.  Fortunately it has been so busy that the time has gone quickly. We are also busy on the campsite with guests making the most of the weather. Meg & Al have been to stay again and worked their magic on the campsite gardens, the roses are amazing.

8th June 2017:  We are very sad to report the passing of one of our most popular guests Mr Terry Mapstone. Terry & his wife Janet and their extended family are part of the fabric of Doolittle's Campsite and have been involved in so many of the events and parties held here over the years.  We erected "The Royal Enlosure" for them, Pitch 12 and "The Posh Pitch" which their daughter Wendy & family now use. We held lawnmower, electric scooter and mobility scooter races for his benefit which were amazing. There were so many other fun times, too many to recall and we will all miss him.

7th May 2017: The May Fair was a great success as it usually is. Liz and her Aunt & Uncle did very well and the rain stayed away. It wasn't too cold and the sun even tried to shine a little bit. Getting busy on the campsite today.

2nd May 2017: The bank holiday was very quiet, good job the inspectors were here and are leaving tomorrow. We had our inspection this afternoon and all good. They were such an improvement on last year's inspector who I now understand is working on a big club site. Pauline & Melvyn and Helen & David have both popped in to see us in the past few weeks, always good to keep up and it was good to see Donna & Stuart arrive last week. In the Turney household we are getting ready for the North Curry May Fair next Saturday 6th May. Liz has her usual Dizzy Doolittle's stall and has made some more beautiful things and John's sister Megan and her husband Alan are coming to help her.

24th April 2017: John is 72 today but he has spent the weekend carrying blocks up a ladder helping our son with his building extension. I must be looking after him well. Not only are the housemartins back but we now have a baby squirrel to likes to come and ring the bell at the top of the back steps, he doesn't run away but stays to laugh at us for opening the door.

20th April 2017: I am not sure whether to be worried or not, the Camping & Caravanning Club inspectors are basing themselves on our site for two weeks while they check out all the other sites in the area. I am trying to get John to behave for 2 weeks but it is an uphill struggle!

16th April 2017: We have had a busy Easter weekend, the weather could have been a bit warmer but no rain so far. We welcomed regular visitors and new alike.

7th April 2017: WE ARE NOW OPEN, first guests arriving today. Meg & Alan have made the campsite gardens look beautiful again and the blossoms are out ready for your admiration! Chris was busy all day yesterday doing maintenance and Liz will be putting the finishing touches to the reception/craft shop this afternoon. We still have a few vacancies for Easter. The goat kids are now thriving and we have two lambs needing bottle feeding (any volunteers out there?) Don't forget our new email address - doolittlessom@gmail.com.

20th March 2017: What a week we have just had, first Golly Goat was very poorly and the vet didn't really know what was wrong. We put him in a cage in the living room and his bleats kept me awake for 3 nights in a row, by 3am on Sunday morning I wanted him to lose his voice and by 5am all I could think of was "goat stew". The family took pity on me and put him in the shed with our lamb. Then today Cocoa (the kid that Liz wants to keep) was also ill and off to the vet again, fortunately the vet was more au fait with goats and thinks that they are growing too quickly and the ligaments are not keeping up causing them pain.

John didn't know how the puppies happened (a likely story) but he put the billy goat in with Toffee and Fudge so he can't use that excuse again. I've had the dogs "done" and if he brings home another billy, it will have to sleep on his bed, it's not going near the nanny goats!!

NEW EMAIL ADDRESS: doolittlessom@gmail.com - very sorry but the old ".net" is being discontinued on 31st May but I will continue to use both until that date.

13th March 2017:
John tells me that we have crocuses and tulips outside of the reception shed/craft shop and we had two motorhomes arrive last night so I think the new season is underway. The weather here is beautiful this morning and making us all feel very spring-like. The lambs and goat kids are a handful now that they are a little bit bigger but still cute and cuddly (just like John). Don't forget we open on SATURDAY 8th APRIL. Hopefully will see you soon.

5th February 2017: Liz has persuaded her dad to let her keep little Cocoa and this morning we have a local garden nursery who is going to give Cola a home. So we only have Goliath (who actually hasn't turned out the biggest) to place and he has by far the prettiest markings of them all. They have all been neutered so won't be smelly. We have had lots of campsite enquiries and our plans our well underway for the new season starting 8th April.

20th February 2017: While we all watched "Call the Midwife" on TV last night Fudge gave birth to 3 enormous baby boys that Liz has called Cola, Cocoa and Goliath (guess who was biggest). All is well and they are cute but if any of you tell Liz or John I said so I will deny all knowledge!

19th February 2017: Despite our patience Fudge is as big as a house and is showing more signs of exploding than giving birth but something must happen soon. I now have roof on my wetroom thanks to wonderful son Dave but the next job is to remove the window and the radiator underneath - there is no way anyone is removing my bedroom radiator in February! John and Chris have spent the morning putting bird netting over our chicken runs so we can promise that our eggs are still free range. Campsite bookings are starting to come in and Liz is busy getting the reception/craft shop ready. We can't wait to meet up with everyone again. John is drowning in lambs, nearly all twins and triplets but we just need goat kids.

30th January 2017:
We have had a busy week. Very sadly one of our goats, Toffee, had 3 kids but lost them all so we were all very upset. Fudge must be due soon, so we will hope for better.

Helen & David and Pauline & Melvyn called to see us at the same time on Saturday, but rather unfortunately John had just lit the fire and because of a blockage the house was filling up with smoke. We survived thanks to Pauline making the teas and coffees and our amazing chimney sweep has just left.

Yesterday John & David put the felt on the wetroom roof and a piece of plastic over the Velux window so I now have half a roof, OK so it still needs tiles and the actual Velux window, but we will get there. Our son is a star because he has little spare time and a huge extension of his own to do. My wetroom is arising like the Phoenix from the ashes and appears to be just as awesome.

Bookings have started to come in so if you could all do sun dances or whatever we would appreciate it, the weather is so important to a good holiday for our guests. Liz is currently getting the shop/reception shed ready and the laundry is going to be done in April and we are looking forward to seeing you all soon.

16th January 2017: Another set of twins, help - where are all you would-be shepherds hiding?

15th January 2017: It has started, twin lambs born this morning, so very soon it will be chaos here and I will want to emigrate. At least my wetroom is slowly emerging, as we speak son Dave is working on the roof. I already have walls but currently can only have a shower if it rains!

9th January 2017: Happy New Year, enquiries for the coming season are starting to arrive and we are looking forward to meeting up with regulars and to meet new guests. The new laundry should be ready sometime in the Spring and Liz's craft shop will look pretty as usual. The mobile home is now permanently occupied by our lovely new tenant Anne but we still have the shepherd's hut for all those would-be shepherds out there (we can even supply a few lambs) for weekends or holidays. Our goat kids are due very soon as both our ladies are expecting happy events.

My wetroom is coming along at a snail's pace and I will probably have to sell John's body to pay for it to be finished. I did try to sell him on Facebook once but only got rude offers!